Photography House was created as a place for photographers to come together and connect and learn from one another in an immersive and intimate setting.

We launched Photography House because we wanted to create a getaway where other photographers can comingle, learn, and ultimately, improve their craft by immersing themselves in a comprehensive business, branding, content, and collaboration capacity.

The intimate concept of the one house allows for connections to be made and fostered, providing an opportunity for growth both professionally and personally.

The Photography House is about bringing together curiosity seekers, inspirators, intellectuals, businesswomen, and men.

It’s like a condensed mastermind on steroids for photographers.

The workshops will be in a city near you. 

The inaugural Photography House is located in Charlotte NC in the heart of the city. 

Each city chosen will be based on the aesthetic of the location and the stylized shoots and themes will match the city vibe accordingly

The Photography House is an all-inclusive concept without bubble parties, an all-you-can-eat buffet, and a 24-hour party.

All food and beverages will be provided.

We will have community collaboration meals – meaning all meals will be enjoyed as a group, think “working lunch”

Included in your investment is a 3-day/3-night stay at an intimate home.

Major meals each day, business workshops on branding, digital marketing, social media, business success, presentations from amazing guests speakers, access to speakers for the duration of workshops, carefully curated styled shoots to boost your portfolio, and a post-retreat mastermind accelerator.

Think summer camp — 2 beds to a suite with shared bathrooms throughout. Roommate options are available – but options change per location, inquire within.

Outside of necessities for overnight travel:

– Credit Card/Cash

– Relaxing clothes

– Phone and Charger

– Laptop and Charger

– Camera and Gear

– Toiletry Amenities

– Notebook

A mastermind community for life, solutions to business problems, new perspectives, new skills, an enhanced portfolio, and a network of entrepreneurs you can trust and enjoy being around.

Since this is the first, we hope this is a catalyst and cascade for personal and professional growth, and anti-burnout prescription and a new outlook on life and business.

Think of the last time you shared a meal with someone. Maybe it was a friend, a co-worker or a loved one. Why did you plan this meal together? Was it to have an important business conversation or catch up after a long time of not seeing each other? Or maybe just to spend some quality time together. Whether it’s a business lunch or a holiday dinner, shared meals bring people together, build community, and create a sense of belonging.

Since early times of social development, gathering, preparing, and sharing food has been a pillar of community-building. 

If you look at human history anywhere from the early days of hunter-gatherer societies, to modern-day Sunday brunch and family dinner, food plays a large role in how we interact with the people around us. 

Some of the best collaborations and insights come from sharing meals with kindred spirits. Learning doesn’t stop with our workshop sessions, education and insights occur over conversations and food (and maybe some wine 🙂


The best way to get an answer is ask! However, we have some common question that may help above.